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The Sheep

My name is Sylvia.
I am one of over 100 million sheep raised for wool. I am on a 14-tiered ship from Australia, headed for the Middle East where I will be ritually slaughtered while fully conscious. During our 3-4 month voyage, many of us will die from heat
exhaustion, suffocation, dehydration, and /or maggot infestation from our many untreated wounds caused by the violent sheering process.

In addition to the cycle of growing wool and having it cut from my body, I have been a baby factory too. My lambs are taken from me after only a few months. They are herded wide-eyed and crying into trucks to have their necks slit and to be skinned and butchered. Some are kept to replace me in wool production. The ranchers routinely trap, poison, and shoot the native wildlife because we take up so much space and do not fit into the ecosystem naturally. They kill and displace indigenous wildlife and your tax dollars fund the devastation.

Please don’t buy clothes with wool in them, lambskin or lamb meat, or products made with lanolin.



Learn more about the benefits of vegan living and find out how it will help you, the environment, starving people, and of course, the animals. For an excellent introduction to vegan living, see the Vegan Starter Kit and the Vegan Guides and get lots of tips on nutrition, vegan shopping and dining out, helpful resources; and delicious recipes.